My motivation

"My music starts with you"
- is the meaning of life, in my point of view. 
My presence here on planet Earth,
is to create, behave, be - and serve.  
Just as long I can bring my music and my voice into your bidding,
- then we can start create music that will make our day worth living. 

Jonathan is gifted with a beautiful tenor voice and an ability to quickly grasp even quite abstract teaching concepts. His lucid musicality and healthy creativity combined with his endurance, makes it a joy to be his teacher. I’m confident that a fine career as a performing singer awaits after he has successfully concluded his studies.
— Johannes Mannov (2016), Voice Professor, The Danish National Academy of Music and Hochschule für Musik, Nürnberg

Most important

  • Graduated from Berlin Opera Academy, 2019

  • Master degree from The Danish National Academy of Music, Odense, 2019

  • Student of the acknowledged international tenor Reinaldo Macias for 3 years.

  • Former student for 6 years of voice professor Johannes Mannov.

  • Don Ottavio at Berlin Opernfest

  • Leander and St. Brioche at The Opera of Funen, Odense (Den Fynske Opera)

  • Count Tassilo and Caramello at The Company of Operetta Polyhymnia, Copenhagen.

  • Professional church soloist.

  • High School degree from Skt. Annæ Gymnasium - with top grades in music.

Beside the intensive work with his own development Jonathan has shown a sense of responsibility toward the educational environment that reaches beyond the expectations we have to our bachelor students. He has made extra work with editing libretti and translations of musical drama around academy projects, and he has also been involved with the financial preparations around the academy production of Benjamin Britten’s “The Beggar’s Opera”.
— Claus Skjold Hansen (2016) - Headmaster of The Danish National Academy of Music